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Her recent double CD album "Early In The Morning" has 16 songs for you to love! Sultry and edgy blues, eclectic exciting jazz, thrilling romantic love songs, and some extra gifts that you won't hear anywhere else. Her other recent album is Fantastik (it lives up to its name); you will love it. Clara recorded vocals and split keyboard (piano, bass and strings) in "real time" with all the emotion, honesty, intensity, excitement, humor, and resonance of her personal biography and journey. Single CD titles are "Only You", "Early In The Morning", and "Prayer For Earth's Beings". Her new album is "Here In The Moment".  Please see contact info above. 


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  • Up a Lazy River2:49
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Clara's Piano Lessons for Adults!  Enjoy learning notes, chords, ear-training, musicianship in a pleasant, relaxed home studio environment.

Rate is $35. an hour.(865) 659-5383.


I'm Clara and my musical moniker is "the Lady Wolf.  I'm a life-long musician (piano and split keyboard--keys and bass), singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, also with many years of teaching experience.   

CONTACT INFO:  (865) 659-5383

ABOUT CLARA -- She is a multi-faceted, innovative and ageless singer-songwriter-split keyboardist, hand-drummer, and esoteric musical practitioner.  She straddles the genres and rhythms of blues, eclectic jazz, love ballads, latinesque, rock, boogie, shamanic, and light classical. Her powerful left-hand bass lines and riffs are unique and she loves to do keyboard counterpoints and harmonies with her vocal intonations.  Her voice has been described by fans as "orgasmic" as well as "celestial". Her music evolved over years of stage and studio, with influences of many musicians and show-biz people.  She has a PhD. in holistic health but says she's mostly a "practicing musician". On stage, the doctor is definitely "in".  Some of her songs were created for healing, starting with her own recovery from injuries she got in a church shooting.  A humane educator and advocate for our fellow beings, the animals, Clara is author of,

Songs in Player (below) are by Clara on vocal, keys, bass, in real time! 1) Clara's A Flat Blues, 2)Up A Lazy River, 3) Fantastik, 4)Whenever, 5)Easy Baby.


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